Ray of hope for infertility couple: Prof.Dr.Babita Panda

                                                                      By Anuradha Dash

The term mother reveals the manifestation of the ultimate creation of the omnipotent in earthly embodiment is presently at a delusion and despair . Phenomenal increase in the incidence of infertility turned out manifold within the last decade due to change in the life style, work stress and environment.
The era of emerging scientific development, new technological implication s in the field of medical science IVF (in vitro fertilization) ushered the solution of the problem of increasing incidence of infertility .Whereas general population of Orissa is ignorant about the new technological implication of IVF.Edited_Madam_Photo
Dr Bobita Panda’ s initializing profound effort implementing IVF technology for reproduction of test tube baby in lavoratory maintaining world standard and keeping an eye with economic viability of middle class people of Odisha is exceptionally admirable .
And her sincere effort and dedication with the touch of divinity and greater human values spreading awareness of latest technology among the masses of Odisha and brings the ray of hope for those suffering the curse of infertility. Dr.Babita panda a gynecologist completed her training in infertility in Vellore CMC, now head of the dept of human resource development in IMS and Sum Hospital at Bhubaneswar.
Today’s society is more vulnerable towards the happening of incidence of infertility what are the causes?
Infertility is inability to conceive after one year of unprotected sex, In India 15-20% of the couple known to be infertile and this trend is increasing alarmingly. In our dogmatic society mainly women bear responsible for infertile subjected to a social stigma. But medical science says 30 -40% infertility are caused due to male partner ,40-50% are due to problems in females and rest are due to unexplained reason .
Most of the patient comes to me with the problem of Infertility is due to the abortion or taking pills for to delay in pregnancy for the carrier prosperity or jobs or wanting for a male child. All these factors are damaging impact on the reproductive system. There are other important reasons responsible for infertility like fast changing life style. Environmental factor due to pollution, unwanted abortion, obesity due to fast food eating habit renders delay in ovulation and intake of tobbaco,chewing pan masala is very serious impact on reproductive system especially for male counterpart which lessen sperm count .
What is IVF? What are the techniques and procedures?
There are different technique used to assisted reproductive technique (ART) they include IUI (Intrauterine insemination), ICSI (INTRA CYTOPLASMIC SPERM INJECTION) AND IVF (IN VITRO Fertilization).
In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an advanced technique to conceive a child outside the body. This is a revolutionary treatment option, used to help infertile couples having a wide range of problems such as: tubal defect, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), male factor problem and unexplained problem.
The IVF procedure involves ovarian stimulation to produce more number of eggs from the women’s ovary. Ova are then fertilized with sperms in an incubator. Male having very low sperm count cannot fertilize the oocytes.
In this respect intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is the only choice where one active sperm is injected into an oocyte .Fertilized ova undergo several cell divisions, which can be observed under microscope.
From them good quality embryos are transferred to uterus of the expected mothers uterus for its natural development under the supervision of experts till the baby born.
IVF is the latest and advanced solution for the infertile. How CHR Dept under your supervision performing it?
Fast of all the maintenance of IVF laboratory and the technique itself are expensive and require special precautions to avoid embryo toxicity and contamination .Our institute (CHR) provides comprehensive, systematic and protocol based treatment for infertile couples comparable to the best in Vitro fertilization (IVF) center s of the country. It has global standard of sterilization and air Quality management for Embryology laboratory, Andrology laboratory and ovum pick up theater. It ensure optimum environment for ovum and sperm handling. We work as a team round the clock to ensure success comprising dedicated team of doctors and scientific expert’s .We try to provide minimized cost almost half of the prevailing expenditure in IVF centers all throughout India keeping an eye with low affordability of middle class people.

How do you deal with the infertile couple?
Counseling of couples forms the stepping stone before any treatment starts. I personally believe in understanding their psychology, transparency in treatment, providing technical information, cost factor and risk of failure to seek their cooperation and involvement and finally creating a bond with the couple in the process of treatment.
Special care has been taken for providing information of the Periodical procedural information regarding each step of development in treatment is our prime and foremost focus.
Why do people go for an IVF procedure of reproduction?
Couple comes with long term treatment history of infertility, and already goes under utter failure, disappointment, bear huge expenses as equal as IVF cost, in that case I suggest them for IVF.
In some cases there is no alternate then to adopt IVF to get a baby for example very low or zero in sperm count, both tubal damage, and for unexplained reason for infertility.
What are the obstacles for the IVF treatment?
The social taboos still exist that male cannot be infertile, not having baby is a curse for women and bearing a huge expenses for IVF treatment for female is not allowed our society.
Financial affordability and ignorance of available treatment techniques is major causes that debarred middle class people to accept it.
 As par with the world standard, how do you quantify your success?
We able to achieve 30% of result in our first year of implementations of this technique successfully who are equal the rate of universal standard. There are a number of IVF centers situated in Bhubaneswar and other cities also, performance wise not known yet.
Our centre is an advantage position that it is a part of medical college which make easily accessible to meet other required treatment facilities , laboratory test along with the IVF procedures , saves time and money factor for patients and we provide low cost treatment then India and abroad ..
Share us you’re experienced moment with the first test tube baby.
When the first baby born my excitement crosses leaps and bound, it is a divine experience. after long and round the clock hard work to generate a life inside the tube, witnessing and shaping every moment of development of the cells taking shape into life and then shape of a fetus in womb finally delivered a baby is a long and tedious, and exciting journey for us is really a great and challenging task . As i felt it is my own creation behalf of the mother goddess. The first baby belongs to the couples who were parented a baby girl after 20 years of marriage, IVF showered them unexplainable happiness after long period of despair and frustration.
 How to tackle the serious issues of increasing incidence of infertility?
First is to create awareness among the people to develop a balance life style ,with various psycho-social issues both at domestic and social front of life and informing and educating them recent techniques .scientific developments, available mode of treatment whereas middle class population is less known the etiology and financial burden ,Both government and private organisations need to take responsible to make effective management and technical intervention .
Who is behind your  achievements?
All these achievements only possible because of my husband Dr.Sidhrtha Mohanty’ who wholeheartedly supported me and real source of inspiration to me always .Without his support I can’t give 100% to my service and research.
My daughter and my in laws are great support to me. I thanks to all my CHR team scientists, doctors, staffs dedicate themselves with their sincere effort to make it successful.
Presently I am working on a research on male infertility. An (ICMR) project for creating awareness on infertility among rural people undertaking three district of Odisha is under proceeding. My wish is to in future i can give more time for the cause of poor and suffering people.

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