Live Horror Show Explorica enthrall the viewers

A live Horror Show ‘Explorica’ was held on 12th December in DAV Public School Campus II, Chandrasekharpur.
Explorica, a spectacular project display by the students of standard 3rd to 5th. The selected projects in all the subjects were highly informative and praiseworthy. The students could win the hearts of the viewers, judges and guests. Among all the projects the GOTHIC HORROR THEATER (A live Show) presented by the students of class IV and V was the best and an innovative one. school
Under the guidance of English Teacher Ms. Meena Mishra the Students were perform different horror character of Halloween, Zombie, Dracula, Vampire, Jigsaw, Hellraiser, Frankenstein, Scary, Saw, Mummy, Death, Goth, Tantrik .
The participant were Prem sai Kumar,Saransh,Shreyash Tripathy,Shreyash Patnaik,Sanket ,Jyotiraditya,Preetam,Shuvam,Sai Sweta,Prem Sai Dalai,Shreyansh,Komal& Deepankar were highly attracted their show to the students and parents of the said School.

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