Odisha will Aroma vally soon

Reeta Birtia/Bhubaneswar
Odisha will Aroma valley within next few said Dr Ajit Sashany.
In an exclusive interview to explore odisha he said Sambalpur ,Anugul,Dhenkanal is already the farmers of cultivating lemongrass,Citronella,Pamarosa and vetiver in a cluster approach,SIMAP already promoting high value scentedgrass cultivation with return of 1.2lakhs to 1.8lakhs per hectare is helpful for marginal farmer.
34567Dr Sashany also said “Our experiment of Banasingha in Dhenkanal,Bamur in Sambalpur and Chhendipada of Anugul experiment shows that aromatic plant replaces many Cannabis cultivation and also for protect wildanimal also SIMAP already experimented Ukalipatas leaf contant 2% of sinonopal which helps to make organic insecticide for domestic purpose .

We are also planning to distlate turmeric leaf oil which will helps additional income for farmers of the state.If area of cultivation of Aroma and Pharma Stuchical Industry setup and generate millions of rupees and employment also.

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