President of India Presents Colours to Corps of Army Air Defence

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind has presented Colours to Corps of Army Air Defence at Gopalpur on Saturday.
Speaking on the occasion, the President paid homage to the martyrs of the Corps of Army Air Defence. He said that their sacrifice has secured our sovereignty, brought glory to our Nation and protected our people. He congratulated all veterans and serving soldiers of the Corps for their stupendous performance. He said that they have been true force multipliers in the most inhospitable terrain and climatic conditions in the world. The Indian Army and the Nation is proud of them.prezin odisha
Prez also said India have taken a solemn vow to defend the sovereignty of our country against all odds. I am confident that we will fulfill this vow and keep the dignity of our Nation and our people intact,whatever be the cost. That is what the ‘Colours’ signify. Carry them with pride and strive for excellence in all yourendeavours. I wish all the soldiers and their families a successful and prosperous life.

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